Hans Bergstrand

  • 0708 48 37 82

With a degree in Interaction Design and project management, Hans keeps in mind what everyone is doing – or at least should be doing. He is the one that attends networking events and lets the world know how good Iseqqavoq is. At his spare time he likes to hike or go skiing in the alps – if he is not in the kitchen cooking some food (or telling others how they should cook).

Thor Brink

  • 0768 53 12 81

is educated within Interaction Design and has developed into the company’s WordPress guru: what he does not know about WordPress is not worth knowing. As skilled as Thor is at handling the web, he is equally skilled at using a board whether it is on wheels, snow or water: Nothing gets him out of balance.

Mattias Svensson

  • 0733 70 59 85

is also graduated in Interaction Design and project management. Mattias is an asset within the advanced programming and is aspiring to become the WordPress guru. Mattias likes all kind of sports and is as happy doing sports as watcher and commenter as well as player.