Iseqqavoq became a legal entity in 2010.

Before 2010 we were Lembke Inventos and developed websites during our academical studies. Today we are four people in the company and are aiming at growing – ourselves as well together with our competent and experienced cooperation partners.

The stronger we get, the better our partners become. And above all this will result in even better websites.

Iseqqavoq has a broad knowledge within programming. We are among the sphere of web agencies that have knowledge within programming, design, interaction design and projects management originating in academics..

Our choice to specialize in WordPress is simple: WordPress makes the advanced functionalities easy for the user.

The name originates from Greenland.

Jonas is paddling kayak in Greenland together with some friends. Tired after a whole day of activities, they set camp for the night. It is cold, quiet and far away from civilization.

Early in the morning a flood hits the camp. The sleeping friends are all swept away in the ice cold water. Luckily some Inuits are fishing not so far away and their boat survives the wave. They see what is happening from a distance and quickly paddle up to the friends to help them. The first word they say when they arrive is:

– Iseqqavoq!

Iseqqavoq stands for when a large piece of ice detaches from an iceberg, in Greenlandic. When the often large piece of ice detaches from the iceberg, a large wave is created which in this case almost killed Jonas and his friends.

With some distance from the event, it is possible to see similarities between the iceberg and perhaps surprisingly web design and web development. The largest part of an iceberg is situated beneath the surface as is also the case with a website. The visual part is of course very important, but the part that is not visible keeps the iceberg floating and balanced as well as it makes the visual part possible.

Our name is Iseqqavoq because we see every website as an iceberg: the beauty is above the surface and the strength and power is beneath.