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LinkedIn Social Feed is a WordPress plugin that displays your latest LinkedIn posts or the latest posts from a LinkedIn Group to your WordPress site. The feed can be placed anywhere on your site with the help of the widget.

After a LinkedIn application has been created, which is free to do at, the plugin is easy to set up with the API key given from LinkedIn. See more about this in the installation instructions and the FAQ.

The feed is updated with a simple click on a button on the settings page. In the widget settings, you are able to select how many LinkedIn posts to display (max 20).

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Versions is a WordPress plugin that takes care of your cache issues of stylesheets and javascripts.

A reoccuring issue when developing sites and making changes to css- and javascript-files is that they get cached and prevents visitors from experiencing what they’re supposed to experience.

Versions takes care of this reoccurring headache. This is done by adding version numbers to your resources based on the timestamp of when the resource was most recently modified.

Users with the ability to manage options are given the choices of switching between two different ways of filtering for resources. The two different functionalities are more closely explained on the settings page of the plugin.

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