Our services include web development, web design and interaction design.
We use the tools and techniques that we find most apt the task at hand and we continuously evaluate new solutions to have the best available to you.

Web Development

We use WordPress as framework for our web development and content management system. We the complement this with jQuery and CSS3 in order to create the most vivid visualization. In order to get a powerful and dynamic handling of the information, we create custom plugins as needed.

Web design

Webdesign is an area which is constantly changing. We at Iseqqavoq always stay up to date with the latest news within web design. Through our background within interaction design, we deliver a design with your mind in focus. Of course it is important that you like the design of your new website, but what is more important is that it creates value and joy for your customers. Iseqqavoq’s strength lies in combining and producing both appealing as well as user friendly design.

Interaction design

Iseqqavoq also delivers resources in pure interaction design. For companies that mainly supplies development our experience in interaction designer can be very valuable.

Every high level programmer wants to deliver well-written and structured code and every art director wants to create attention with an astonishing design. This is of course also our aim but our knowledge and experience in interaction design also makes the site a pure joy to use.

If you think that the best solution is to hire a consultant to solve your issue? Talk with us and we can figure out a solution for a longer or shorter term agreement.

Project management

Within Iseqqavoq we have substantial knowledge within IT- project management.
This is a strength within the company due to that it enables us to have an conversation with the project managers that we meet within larger companies. We can also share our knowledge that we have learnt from prior projects that we have been involved in.

Iseqqavoq support

Every homepage is an ongoing project. Even if you recently got your website delivered you have to work with it in order to maintain your position at Google search and have a website that your visitors find well updated.

A website that was updated several years ago is just not good marketing. Worst case scenario your potential customer will leave the website and visit a competitor.

Iseqqavoq not only deploys and re-develops websites, we also help you with continuously maintenance of your website.

For the websites we develop, we often include support in the packages.